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Come for the classes, stay for the perks

Unlimited Classes

Come for as many classes as you want every week. There are no additional charges. (even if you are in the classroom 7 days a week!)


Complimentary revision classes

Need a refresher of past year topics? Just join our junior classes, as we are going through those specific problem chapters. Best of all, it's complimentary

Exclusive study notes

Complimentary access to cheatsheets, summaries, notes and practices, created just for you, (and saved online so you will never lose them.)

Complimentary Consultations

We know sometimes it's stressful to ask a question in class. Book free 1-1 consultations to go through your questions, and even your schoolwork!

Food, food and food

The best type of motivation in the classroom! So if you're rushing down from school, and have not had a bite, we have got you covered. (Think fried rice, toasts, burgers, juices, donuts...) 

Complimentary access to our study pods

All students are welcomed to use our study pods as a conducive space for studying. Stay as long as you need and raid our snack cupboards while you are at it.

Join the club, where math becomes

enjoyable,understandable, magical.

Math can sound finger-bitingly scary. But it really doesn't have to be! When mastered math can be as fun as beating a game, or even solving a puzzle.

We are here to unpack algebra equations, peel away the layers to pythagoras theorem, deconstruct linear law, to show you just how easy peasy math can be. Maybe then, you will begin to experience the fun of cracking down on a problem, just like how hundreds of our students have. 

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Dive into the world of puzzles

Get started with our back to school resources or browse our available classes

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Have a sneak peek at some of our fav brain teasers and puzzles moments

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